Michael Zweig

Donald and Melania Trump Antique Commemorative Coins. These 4 vintage gold and silver finish collectibles

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  • This exquisite antique look coin has drama etched into every intricate detail. The distressed finish is a timeless and the perfect addition to any collection. The beautiful detailing is delightful to behold and is a vintage lovers dream.
  • These coins are exclusive to Presidential Mint and are designed by Michael Zweig. They are one of a kind, artistically distinctive coins that you will not find elsewhere.
  • A dramatic win deserves dramatically different coins! These historic looking coins are the perfect tribute to a historic win by Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States. Like the president himself these coins are winners and are sure to enhance your collection. Enjoy these timeless coins, treasure them now and gift them to the next generation!
  • Gift them to yourself, to those celebrating Donald Trump’s historic victory or use them to tease the daylights out of the “Hillarys” in your life! However you enjoy them, these coins will always get you a “HUUUGE” reaction!
  • Trump coins marketed as legal tender is Fake News! These coins are a highly collectible item and are not legal tender. Beware of sellers selling Trump Coins as Legal Tender, the US Mint has issued no such coins. Do not fall for marketing gimmicks, you can always trust Presidential Mint to be upfront and honest with you.

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