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Michael Zweig

Our Story

Michael Zweig is proud to bring you jewelry from a family with over fifty plus years in the business. Being located in the heart of Manhattan in glorious New York City allows us to be at the center of the fashion industry where style reigns supreme. The legacy of fine work the company produces is going to set the stage for years to come. Our heritage is such that we are able to present you with gorgeous statement pieces of jewelry that are luxuriously priced right. We are laying the groundwork based on a solid commitment to loving what we do in the jewelry industry.

Our brand brings pleasure with all our pieces. We aim to bring a smile to your face, pull an outfit together, and make you look stylishly fabulous wherever you go with our selection of jewelry and accessories of excellent quality. The reason we started this business is that we saw a need for high end design with quality products that are from some of the most iconic brand names in the world. Eventually we aim to move into other fashion accessories to be a total adornment brand for the new millennium. Michael himself is behind each and every piece with a careful selection that is second to none. Growing up in the business he was able to watch how his family created jewelry that people fell in love with. When he saw how his relatives loved the industry, he knew this was the business for him.

Now with his own brand, he’s able to translate that love into jewelry you’ll want to wear everyday. With an outstanding selection of jewelry Michael stands behind each piece he sells. His website is top of the line with a team of people ready and waiting to assist you in finding just the right item to add to your collection.

Wearing Michael Zweig is bound to bring you compliments and turn heads. People will wonder where you got that amazing piece, whether it’s a bright gemstone bracelet cuff, gold opal necklace, or a 14k stud earring. Jewelry is meant to inspire. No one knows that more than the Zweig family who's been making your jewelry fantasies a reality for decades, with jewelry you can pass down through your own family.

So whatever the occasion calls for, call on Michael Zweig to mark it with just the right piece of jewelry that will bring the wearer infinite joy. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but it’s so much better to have a bit of beauty that is wearable art. Explore all our dazzling designs with a selection that is top notch, unique, and meant to inspire.

Brand Mission

Our goal at Michael Zweig is to provide you with a selection of affordable jewelry pieces and accessories that you can be proud to wear. All of our items are carefully hand selected to be of the absolute best standards in the industry. Our clients know that each time they shop with us they will walk away with jewelry that is timelessly elegant. Having an eye out for the latest trends is just part of our mission to you, as our stock is constantly being updated with fresh pieces being brought in each season.